SLP Contractor Direct Deposit


Direct Deposit now available

SLP is happy to announce the addition of a new direct deposit service provider, Wells Fargo.  This service is required of contractors in order to facilitate faster and more secure payment.  Please note that the new Wells Fargo direct deposit service may only used for deposits to Personal/Individual accounts (not Business/Corporate accounts).

Please sign up for this service, by completing the following information on the SLP Direct Deposit Enrollment Form:

  • Name on your account
  • Bank Account Number (including Bank Routing Number)
  • Personal Account Type (checking, savings, etc.)
  • Routing Number

Then print/sign and scan/email ( or fax (800/660-8018) the form along with a voided check or deposit slip.  That’s all that is required; it takes about 3 business days to verify your information, and then you are ready to receive payments! 

Remember, payments previously sent through the US Mail will no longer be provided by SLP after October 2016. Please sign up today for this free service!