SLP Contractor Portal - Scheduling/Time-Entry System

Please follow this link to access the

SLP Job Scheduling/Time Entry System.

Before selecting, please review the following notes:


This is a multipurpose screen.  In order to log in you should first see the signing interpreter image below.

If you do not see the image above, please select the "Contractor Login" button at the bottom center of the screen before entry of your UserID and Password.

Calendar Access & Accepting Jobs

After you’ve logged in, accepting an SLP Assignment can be done by:

  1. Selecting the “My Calendar” submenu (top left of screen)
  2. Finding the Job/Order Date/Time listed in the month
  3. Opening the Job/Order (note that unaccepted job times will show up in red)
  4. Selecting the “Confirm Assignment” option and then selecting “Submit”.

Posting Time

  1. Once worked you would go back into this same job and post your time worked and enter any Visit (Job) Comments. 
  2. Only enter time for actual hours worked. 
  3. Note any authorized travel time and/or minimum hours within the "Visit Comments". 
  4. Do not enter mileage unless authorized for reimbursement.